The tirepressure-controllsystem TSS (Tire Safety System) by BERU allerts while creeping pressure loss - an so the driver will be cared of heavy accidents or blowouts.

Defects and faults on tires is the most reason of accident- and breackdown causales. To low pressure means higher abrasion. This can be the reason in high speed, that the tire can´t keep the debit till it may burst.

In USA, hard regulare are build, because of many heavy tire-defaults. The US Traffic security authority NHTSA describes a tire-controllsystem on every new car beginning from 2007 september.

The BERU tire-controllsystem TSS is an aspect for good security ans should be on the top of your list to buy a new car. (Please note, that the TSS is only fitting by factory - never can updrade the TSS.)

Additionally may double the TSS the tire livetime - and it may save the fuel consumption up to 4 %.

The system offers more comfort because the alltime controlling of tire-pressure at the petrol-station is not necessary anymore.

For utility vehicle the controllsystem is very important. The output and the lifetime of van-tires gets smaller and shorter, the fuel consumption grows caused of low tires-pressure.

The operating costs of trucks will grow relevant. And don´t forget the accidents caused by tire-faults.

The BERU tirepressure-controllsystem is developed in collaboration with the producers AUDI, BMW, DAIMLER-CHRYSLER, PORSCHE ans VW.