H&R Cup-Kits in comfort and sports tuning. For all, who want more than springs, we advise Cup-Kits in comfort tuning (example 40, 35, 40/35 mm,…).

This unit in sport shock absorber and sport-spring-kits gives a high comfort tuning in combination with a pleasant underlying.

The Cup-Kits in comfort tuning gives a better handling and are altanative for all, who want to temper the ride comfort of his vehicle without spending no driving comfort. A dynamical escalation from Cup-Kits in comfort tuning are the Cup-Kits chassis in sport tuning (formation example VA/HA 60/40, 50/40, 45/45 mm).

These are sportly tuned and offer not only outlook by formation underlying, but concurrently a higher lane stability and better grip during good handling and driving comfort.

Tip 1: To get the specified underlying, the serial rubbers “1 to 4 point” have to change. Mercedes W203 (No: 167865) only rear axle.

Tip 2: At vehicles with factorymade underlying (example BMW M-technic, MB sportline-chassis, Audi sport-line-chassis,…) you only reach a low underlying, because they are factorymade already.

Tip 3: Cup-Kit-chassis have to fixed with original springway-limiter, dust protection, upper springbase and so on from the original shock absorber, if no other catered. You have to look for, that the used original pices are in good conditions, otherwise you must take a new ons.

Tip 4: From type to type, motor, gear, configuration and general tolerance may vary the values of the underlying for some millimeters.